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Eventually, all pipes file. That is a fact of life. Thus, there is an industry of plumbing / piping professionals who are dedicated to fixing this problem. That’s why we created Repipe King. We want this site to be a gateway to anything you might possibly need to know about the repipe process or industry.

Why Do Pipes Bust or Leak?

There are many reasons why the pipes in a home or building might bust.

It begins with the age of the pipes. Given enough time, metal pipes tend to corrode from chemicals in the water. The pH level of the water also plays a part in the corrosion process. There are three eventual results of this continued corrosion: pitting, then pinhole leaks, and finally…failure. Failure is very bad.

So you think you’re safe because you have plastic pipes? Wrong. Resins in plastic pipe break down from exposure to public water supply chemicals such as fluoride and chlorine, as well as possibly other chemicals. These chemicals are intended for public safety, but they are hell on pipes.

What to Do About It

In general, you have two options: you can replace the pipes (the best long-term option) or you can take some measure to restore the pipes. Pipe restoration technology has come a long way, and it can save your pipes for period of time. But eventually the day will come when your only true option is a complete repipe.

So it’s a good thing you’ve come to the Repipe King! The information on this site will help you become more knowledgeable about the repipe process and industry.

Information Sources

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